Returning Activase® (alteplase) requires authorization and is dependent on the condition of the product

Review Activase product return and replacement guidelines

Returnable products

Product returns will be accepted from direct (wholesaler) and non-direct (wholesaler's customers, ie, pharmacies) accounts under the following conditions:

  • Product returned within 2 months prior to and 6 months past expiration date
  • Product in its original container and bearing its original label

Non-returnable products

The following products are non-returnable, regardless of expiration date:

  • Products damaged by improper storage or handling, fire, flood, or catastrophe
  • Repackaged products
  • Products that had been sold expressly on a non-returnable basis
  • Products obtained illegally or from an unauthorized source
  • Products purchased on the "secondary source" market or from a distributor who does not have a direct purchasing account with Genentech
  • Partially filled vials
  • Products with no lot numbers, expiration dates, or with unreadable labels
  • Products in their original containers but with prescription labels attached
  • Products that Genentech determines, in its sole discretion, are otherwise adulterated, misbranded, or counterfeit

Expired product

Damaged product or overstock

Spoiled product

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