Returning Expired Activase® requires authorization and is dependent on the condition of the product

Returnable products

Product returns will be accepted from direct (wholesaler) and non-direct (wholesaler's customers, i.e., pharmacies) accounts under the following conditions:

  • Product returned within 2 months prior to and 6 months past expiration date
  • Product in its original container and bearing its original label

Non-returnable products

The following products are non-returnable, regardless of expiration date:

  • Products damaged by improper storage or handling, fire, flood, or catastrophe
  • Repackaged products
  • Products that had been sold expressly on a non-returnable basis
  • Products obtained illegally or from an unauthorized source
  • Products purchased on the "secondary source" market or from a distributor who does not have a direct purchasing account with Genentech
  • Partially filled vials
  • Products with no lot numbers, expiration dates, or with unreadable labels
  • Products in their original containers but with prescription labels attached
  • Products that Genentech determines, in its sole discretion, are otherwise adulterated, misbranded, or counterfeit

Expired product

Damaged product

Spoiled product

Additional information


  • Genentech will provide credit or replacement for a product return only if it is authorized and after the actual product has been received and identified by Inmar RX Solutions. The procedure for returning product depends on the return type and condition of the product. More information on specific returns programs can be found on the Genentech Customer Service Website.

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