Evaluate Activase® treatment procedures and protocols to ensure all changes and guidelines are incorporated

Are you aware of changes that may affect evaluation of stroke protocols?

Various resources are used in making treatment decisions. Clinical judgment and the hospital protocol review process should guide clinical decisions. When updating AIS treatment protocols, ensure that these important considerations are taken into account:

Prescribing Information Revisions

  • February 2015 – the Activase Prescribing Information (PI) was revised to reflect the Physician Labeling Rule (PLR). 5 The PLR reinforces clear section definitions for the appropriate categorization of prescribing information. Therefore, information in the Activase PI has changed.
  • January 2017 – the Activase PI was revised with updated Important Safety Information

FDA Recommendation

  • October 2015 – the FDA issued a recommendation to use full drug names instead of the abbreviation “tPA” 4
  • The recommendation was issued to address reported medication errors and advises healthcare professionals prescribing Activase to use either the brand name or the generic name in written prescriptions and verbal orders 4

AHA/ASA Recommendations

  • February 2016 – the AHA/ASA issued a scientific statement as an adjunct to the 2013 AIS guidelines with an expanded discussion on the Activase inclusion/exclusion criteria 3

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