Administer Activase® in patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) using an accelerated infusion or a 3-hour infusion regimen

Follow these guidelines for the dosing and administration of Activase 6

  • Activase is for intravenous (IV) administration only. Extravasation of Activase infusion can cause ecchymosis or inflammation. If extravasation occurs, terminate the infusion at that IV site and apply local therapy. 6
  • Administer Activase as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms.
  • The recommended total treatment dose for AMI is based on patient weight, not to exceed 100 mg, regardless of the selected administration regimen (accelerated or 3-hour, described below).
  • There are two Activase dose regimens (accelerated and 3-hour) for use in the management of AMI; there are no controlled studies to compare clinical outcomes with these regimens.

Accelerated infusion

The recommended accelerated infusion treatment dose consists of an IV bolus followed by an IV infusion as set forth below.

Accelerated Infusion Weight-Based Doses for Patients with AMI

Patient weight Intravenous bolus First 30 min Next 60 min
>67 kg 15 mg 50 mg 35 mg
≤67 kg 15 mg 0.75 mg/kg 0.50 mg/kg

The safety and efficacy of accelerated infusion of Activase have only been investigated with concomitant administration of heparin and aspirin.

3-hour infusion

For patients weighing ≥65 kg, the recommended treatment dose is 100 mg administered as 60 mg in the first hour (6-10 mg administered as a bolus), 20 mg over the second hour, and 20 mg over the third hour. For smaller patients (<65 kg), a treatment dose of 1.25 mg/kg administered over 3 hours may be used. Weight-based doses are shown in Table 2.

3-Hour Infusion Weight-Based Doses for Patients with AMI

Patient weight Bolus Rest of 1st hour 2nd hour 3rd hour
≥65 kg 6-10 mg 50-54 mg 20 mg 20 mg
<65 kg 0.075 mg/kg 0.675 mg/kg 0.25 mg/kg 0.25 mg/kg

Please see full Prescribing Information for additional Important Safety Information.